The Legal Influence Podcast Episode 012: FTC Disclosure Best Practices For Influencers

FTC disclosure best practices for influencers.

The information contained in this episode is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal advice. Listening to this episode or relying on information from this episode does not ever create an attorney-client relationship between you and Katherine Jaquith (aka Kate Cooper). Please speak with a licensed attorney for individual advice.

On this episode of The Legal Influence Podcast, Kate dives into FTC disclosure obligations for influencers. Learn where, when, and how to make a proper disclosure when endorsing the brands that you work with.

Disclosing your relationships with brands is important for maintaining trust and credibility with your audience, so make sure you’re providing proper disclosures when working with brands.



  • Why it’s so important for influencers to provide disclosures. (01:05)
  • When influencers need to a make a disclosure. (06:12)
  • Why words like “gifted” or “hosted” aren’t sufficiently clear. (08:47)
  • What the FTC considers when determining whether an endorsement was clear. (10:18)


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