The Legal Influence Podcast Episode 014: Debunking Brand Deal Contract Myths

The information contained in this episode is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal advice. Listening to this episode or relying on information from this episode does not ever create an attorney-client relationship between you and Katherine Jaquith (aka Kate Cooper). Please speak with a licensed attorney for individual advice.

The Legal Influence Podcast Episode 015: Debunking Brand Deal Contract Myths

The doors to The Brand Deal Contract Academy are now open! 

In this episode of The Legal Influence Podcast, Kate busts some common contract myths when it comes to working with brands. Learn why you need to get contracts in writing, what to assume when you get a contract from a brand, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate the terms of your brand deal contracts.


  • Why you shouldn’t rely on DM’s or emails instead of getting a written contract. (01:25)
  • Why the contract you get from a brand may not adequately protect you. (03:35)
  • Why you should be revising the terms of your contracts. (06:07)
  • What’s inside of The Brand Deal Contract Academy. (07:11)

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